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Maintenance Checklist for the Year-End

Fall is in full swing and with colder weather comes a new list of to-dos for homeowners. Fall is the perfect time to start planning ahead for winter weather as well. You'll have enough time to make any home renovations or complete DIY projects before the temperature drops.

But there are a few essential actions you should take before the first frost arrives. Follow this short fall home maintenance checklist to protect your property and make the most of the season.

Insulate Faucets

Low temperatures can cause pipes to burst easily, so give yours an added layer of protection with some Styrofoam covers and insulation.

Clean the Gutters

Make sure that your gutters are free from any debris, including dead leaves and fallen branches. You can DIY your gutter cleaning, but it may also be helpful to hire a pro. They can make sure your gutters are ready to withstand any snow and water that winter may bring while avoiding climbing high on a ladder.

Water Your Lawn

It may sound counter intuitive but watering your lawn now can help it recover from the summer heat and lock in some moisture for winter. Adding a layer of fertilizer now will also help grass grow more quickly when spring rolls around.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Make sure that your roof is properly insulated and free of any cracks, holes, or damaged shingles. This will prevent any drafts or water damage in the winter from ice or snowfall. Installing satellite dish covers can help prevent service disruptions from harsh weather.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide and Fire Detectors

If you run gas heat, make sure your home's fire and carbon monoxide (CO2) detectors are working properly. You can run a quick test by pressing the test button on the device. Swapping out the battery is an easy and affordable fix to bring you peace of mind. While you're at it, take a close look at each device's expiration date. You may need to replace them if they're older than six years.

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