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Benefits of Grateful Living

One of the world’s greatest storytellers, Greek fabulist Aesop, may have summed it up best – “gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

Being grateful overwhelms us with a feeling of thankfulness towards others and the world around us. At the most basic level, being grateful can bring a smile to our face and those we appreciate. But there is a difference between being grateful, which is an individual transactional experience, and grateful living.

Grateful living is the active approach to life where daily experiences are framed within a lens of gratitude. The choice to live a grateful life is often made from several different perspectives, including religious or holistic viewpoints. But now, science has put forth proven benefits that everyone can enjoy if they too choose to live gratefully including:

  • Living longer.
  • Being happier.
  • Being healthier.
  • Improving sleep.
  • Becoming friendlier.
  • Higher energy levels.
  • Increasing optimism.
  • Feeling more relaxed.
  • Making more friends.
  • Stronger relationships.
  • Increasing self-esteem.
  • Increasing spiritualism. 
  • Improving productivity. 
  • Becoming more likable.
  • Making better decisions. 
  • Personality development.
  • Reducing feelings of envy.
  • Making happier memories. 
  • Improving career prospects.
  • Strengthening positive emotions.
  • Improving emotional intelligence. 

Grateful living, like many other behaviors, requires continuous, conscious practice. Luckily, because being grateful has so many positive benefits, developing a “gratitude attitude” is an enjoyable experience. 

How can you begin grateful living?

Begin each morning thankful for the opportunities the new day presents. Thank as many individuals as you can throughout the day when they have helped you make your day even just the slightest bit better. And end the day thinking of a few people, things, or experiences you are grateful for having in your life.

The ways to lead a grateful life are as numerous and varied as the benefits you will enjoy. Starting right now will help you realize those benefits, while also adding a little positivity into the world around you.

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