Ways to Make Your Home Office Work (Even if it’s your kitchen)

Whether it is a global pandemic or tackling work over the weekend, creating a productive home office space is important. A haphazard approach to remote work will only serve to reduce creativity and productivity.

Fortunately, with a little planning, nearly any space in your home can become the perfect spot to achieve your goals. Even if it is your kitchen! Looking for a few tips? Here’s our top 5…

#1 Choose the right place – Find a location which does not interfere with your family members, but provides you with enough space to work. An unused kitchen nook, empty closet, or spare bedroom are all great candidates. Wherever you choose, make sure everyone respects the area as your personal work office.

#2 Mimic your office setup – If you already have a traditional office away from home, copy your current setup. Odds are you have already found the most productive way to design your space. Bringing it home will quickly get you up and running in no time.

#3 Use proper lighting – Normal household lighting may be perfect for your personal vibe, but could be detrimental to your workspace. Not enough light or light that is too bright can strain your eyes. Whenever possible, bring in as much natural light as you can.

#4 Sit high and comfortably – Most household tables and counters are not suited for working on a computer. Kitchen tables will be too low and counters too high. Make sure your computer is at eye-level to prevent neck strain. And invest in a good office chair to support your back. 

#5 Stay organized – Without a traditional office desk, it may seem difficult to stay organized. Be creative and try using empty wall space for notes and memos, silverware containers for office supplies, and even an old wine rack to store files. A home office is a great way to stay caught up on work without logging miles to and from the office. Just a few small changes can make a tremendous difference in the quality of work you put out and your happiness in getting it all completed.