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Worker's Compensation Insurance Chicago

Whether you call it worker's compensation insurance, workers comp, workers compensation insurance, the politically and grammatically incorrect workmans comp or any variation of workers compensation – the reality is that Illinois state law mandates that all employees be insured under a worker's compensation insurance policy. Businesses not in compliance with worker's compensation insurance laws can be subject to substantial fines and criminal prosecution.

Worker's compensation insurance protects both the employer and the employee. Under workers compensation, employees can receive compensation for time loss and medical expenses if they are injured at their job. Employers are typically protected from being sued by their employees if they are injured at their job. Unfortunately, coverage for workers comp can be the most expensive part of your casualty insurance program.

Serpe Insurance, an independent insurance agency in Chicago since 1975, has the expertise to help you get the proper worker's compensation insurance coverage for your business. Classifying each employee is a key component of determining optimum cost for workers compensation. The experienced agents at Serpe Insurance can analyze your business to determine the proper classification for each of your employees.

Serpe Insurance represents a variety of insurance carriers in order to offer you the best solution for maximum liability protection. By selecting the best policies from the nation's top insurance carriers, Serpe Insurance is able to deliver coverage that represents the greatest value for you. Some insurance carriers will not write a policy only for worker's compensation insurance but insist that it is part of a more comprehensive business insurance policy. However Serpe Insurance does represent insurance carriers who will offer workers compensation insurance coverage in a separate policy.

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