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Life insurance pays a sum of money upon the death of the insured to the beneficiaries. This can be used to pay for funeral costs, repay debts or provide a continuation of income for loved ones. There are two basic kinds of Life Insurance: Term Insurance and Whole Life Insurance, which is also called Cash Value Insurance.

The fundamental difference between the two kinds of insurance is that term insurance is in effect for a specified length of time stated in the life insurance policy. If the insured dies during the term of the policy, the beneficiaries receive the amount of money stipulated in the policy. Whole life insurance combines a term insurance policy with a cash value component. It is in effect for the insurer's whole life. However, because of the cash value component, you may be able to convert the policy into cash before the insured dies. There are many other complexities to purchasing either type of life insurance which is why you should contact Serpe Insurance.

Serpe Insurance, an independent insurance agency located in Chicago since 1975, can perform a free analysis of your life insurance needs and help you select the best life insurance plan from many highly rated life insurance companies. The professional staff at Serpe Insurance can provide you with multiple quotes for term life insurance or whole life insurance from the nation's top rated life insurance companies.

Let Serpe Insurance help you design a life insurance policy to fit your specific circumstances. To request a free life insurance quote or find out more about the insurance programs offered by Serpe Insurance:

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