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Condo Association Insurance / Homeowners Association Insurance

Serpe Insurance understands many of the concerns and questions you may have when it comes to insuring your association. As part of its full slate of coverage, Serpe Insurance has separate and distinct programs for residential condominium association insurance, homeowners' association insurance and secondary/seasonal/timeshare association insurance. Whatever category your association falls under, Serpe Insurance offers an extensive insurance program to fit your needs.

Serpe Insurance offers professional service from experienced, knowledgeable personnel who specialize in community associations and their unique features. We represent a variety of insurance carriers in order to offer you the best solution for your individual association needs, including policies that offer directors and officers the maximum liability protection in the industry. By selecting the best policies from the nation's top insurance carriers, Serpe Insurance is able to deliver coverage that represents the greatest value for you.

Whether you need condo association insurance, homeowners' association insurance or any other type of community association insurance, put the experienced team at Serpe Insurance to work to help your association protect its assets and limit its liability.

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