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Commercial Auto Insurance

Serpe Insurance, an independent insurance agency in Chicago since 1975, can help you determine the best commercial auto insurance coverage for your business.

When do you need commercial auto insurance? A few common instances are:

  • If you own a business and use autos, trucks or vans for your business transportation or deliveries, you need to insure those vehicles with commercial auto insurance.
  • If you own a business and service motorized vehicles such as an auto body shop, mechanical repair shop, service station, tow truck business or do windshield replacement, you need commercial or business auto insurance.
  • If you are in new or used car sales, you need commercial auto insurance.

All of these businesses present unique exposures and necessitate special auto commercial insurance coverage. Frequently, business auto insurance represents part of your overall business insurance policy. The experienced agents at Serpe Insurance can discuss your comprehensive commercial insurance liability to help you select the best insurance company and insurance plan for your business.

Let Serpe Insurance, the one-stop independent agency for business insurance, help you determine the right commercial auto insurance program for your business. Please contact a Serpe Insurance agent:

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